Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon

Canterbury Pilgrimage


Canterbury Pilgrimage 2018

Dear Worthy Knight of the Order,

You are all aware, our Pilgrimage in 2017, could not be held at Canterbury Cathedral, as is our custom.

I am now very pleased to inform you that our representative to the authorities at the Cathedral, Sir William of Marchwood, Rev. William Whitfield, has now succeeded in securing that the event will take place this year on Saturday the 29th September at 2pm.

Those attending should gather at the Cathedral Gates at 1.45pm as is normal.

There is little point in me repeating the what is going to take place in this letter which is really intended to impart to our membership the wonderful news of our return to our Spiritual home.

With this letter is the ‘Instruction Sheet’ from Sir Stan of Croydon KC, who is once again organising the hospitality side of the Pilgrimage for us. Please note that Stan’s email has changed in recent times and the one you used previously for these events will not reach him.

The Grand Master joins me, in thanking all involved in securing our return to Canterbury, with a special mention to Sir William of Marchwood, who has carried out a superb negotiation on our behalf.

During the Service, the Grand Master will present a cheque donation from the Order towards the Adopt a Stop Appeal. Information on this Appeal has been circulated to the membership in the last few weeks and is also on our website.

Please consider centralising your donations to give a greater effect. If sent via myself, you will receive an acknowledgement.

This letter and the Instructions are sent to the Provincial Secretaries. For onward transmission to the Chapel Secretaries, with the request that they transmit them to their members.

Any further updates will be posted on the Orders website Humilitas et Caritas

Sir Michael of Accrington, KH

Mike Beesley Grand Secretary

Annual Pigrimage 2018 Arrangements

Date: Saturday, 29 September 2018 at Canterbury Cathedral.

Time: 1.45pm (1345 hours) at Cathedral Gates (Buffet Luncheon will be available from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm – venue tba) Our Service should finish not later than 3 pm and we are also invited to Evensong which should finish not later than 4.30 pm.

Travel/Parking: Canterbury is well served by rail, coach and bus services and the Cathedral and the Pilgrims Hotel are both within comfortable walking distance of both railway stations and the bus/coach station. There are several Park and Ride schemes in Canterbury which come close to both the Hotel and the Cathedral and they are reasonably priced. They are the best bet for car drivers as parking in central Canterbury is both difficult and expensive. DISABLED DRIVERS – No Car Parking Spaces are available for those with Blue Badges in the Cathedral grounds this year because of the building work – please contact Stan Brown (contact details below) at least 14 days if before the event if this will cause you problems.

Cost: No charge for the Pilgrimage itself. (Hot and Cold Fork Buffet luncheon - for those who have pre-booked only - £12.00 per head including a soft drink)

Choughs: The Badge of a Pilgrim (Choughs) will be available at the Buffet Luncheon, if ordered in advance, and cost £10. The Cathedral authorities have asked us not to sell them in the Cathedral, or its grounds, so they must be collected from the buffet luncheon venue.

Evensong: All attending the Pilgrimage are invited to join in Evensong at 3.15 pm (No charge)

AccommodationAccommodation is available at various local hotels (A list of hotels is available on request). It is the responsibility of any Knight wishing to stay to make their own arrangements and pay the hotel directly. Many Canterbury Hotels do very good three night deals which may be worth considering.

Eligibility: Any Knight of the Order plus his wife/girl-friend/partner, neighbours, friends and children who should be old enough to appreciate the Service without disrupting it)

Dress: Gentlemen – Jacket and Collar and Tie (of the Order preferred to aid identification) – Ladies dress accordingly. Neither swords nor any other regalia of the Order are worn although members are encouraged to wear the tie of the Order as an aid to identification at the Cathedral Gates as they waive the entrance fee for us.

Booking: Please let Stan Brown ( – 07923 147164 know preferably by email or text message (requests in writing should be avoided and telephone bookings will not be accepted), if you are attending and if you wish to dine (We need to know the number attending the Cathedral Service as well as the Buffet Luncheon to avoid the problem of lack of chairs in the Cathedral which is inconvenient and delays the proceedings).

Payment: Cash is NOT required with booking. Payment by cash on the day is the preferred method of payment.

Queries: Please contact Stan Brown with any queries (contact details above). Nothing is silly. If you want to know something, ask us and, if we know, we will tell you. If we do not know, we will try and find out for you.