Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon

Grand Master's Council

Most Worthy Grand Master   Sir Melvyn of Wud Plumpton, KH   Melvyn Cross
Most Eminent Grand Prior   Sir Lee of Bromley by Bow KH   Lee Milross
Grand Marshal   Sir Philip of Hamilton KC   Philip Andrew Hamilton Bowler
Grand Treasurer   Sir Adrian of Epping
  Adrian John Bannington
Grand Registrar   Sir Neil of Wylde Green   Neil E A Watkin
Grand Secretary   Sir Michael of Accrington KH
  Michael Beesley
Grand Historian   Sir Terence of Mildenhall   Terence E Lewis
Dep Grand Marshal   Sir James of Nijmegan   James F P Mulligan
Grand Almoner   Sir Andrew of Ghellinge   Andrew J W Emery
Grand Warden of Regalia   Sir Wayne of Waunarlwydd   Wayne Dyer
Grand Sword Bearer   Sir Anthony of Cottam   M Anthony Cross
Dep Grand Secretary   Sir John of Lund   John Sarti
Grand Banner Bearer   Sir Derek of Anfield   Derek A R Cook
Asst Grand Marshal   Sir Daniel of St Albans   Daniel Mark Heath
Asst Grand Marshal   Sir Sir Bernard of Tyre   Bernard Wakim
Asst Grand Marshal   Sir Thomas of Shaw   Thomas B Corbally
Asst Grand Secretary   Sir Alexander of Rio de Janeiro   Alenander Mazolli
Asst Grand Secretary    Sir Christopher of Warmambool
  Christopher S Wallace
Grand Herald   Sir Andrew of Milton   Andrew Stuart Clapp
Grand Organist   Sir John of Tickenhall   John Vaughan Rooks
Dep Grand Organist   Sir Naunton of Naunton   Naunton Charles William Liles
Grand Doorkeeper   Sir Arthur of Timsbury   Arthur Walter Muller
Grand Cellarer   Sir Sidney of Capel Bangor   Sydney Francis Clench
Grand Cellarer   Sir Ian of Broxbourne   Ian Stephen Gray
Grand Cellarer   Sir Colin of Furness   Colin Monkman
Grand Cellarer   Sir Gordon of Cheapside   Gordon Stuart Pilkington
Grand Cellerar   Sir Barry of Carringbush   Barry Edward Minster
Grand Sentry,    Sir Stanley of Clay Hall, KC   Stanley Smith
Asst Grand Sentry   Sir David of Epping Forest   David Charles Bridge
For further information please contact Sir Michael of Accrington (Grand Secretary)