Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon

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Sun, 11th February 2018, 11:08pm

I find you website very informative and open. Since this is the only information I have been able to obtain, I better understand the meaning and true value of this Order.

Dr. Thomas Turrentine

Sun, 4th February 2018, 12:25pm

Joined the order last year at st cuthberts in Ashington very interesting order I was made very welcome

andrew wishart

Fri, 2nd February 2018, 3:55am (Thu, 1st February 2018, 10:55pm UTC-5)

I am interested in learning more about the Order of St. Thomas of Acon. I read about your history in the February Issue of Knight Templar. I am currently the Governor of York Rite College No.27 Syracuse, NY.

Rev. George A. Reed

Wed, 10th January 2018, 11:20am (Mon, 1st October 2018, 11:20am UTC+6335)

A very interesting and informative website about this superb degree. Thank you.

Alan Otton

Sat, 4th November 2017, 4:38pm

I joined the order last evening in Ashington I really enjoyed the ceremony and met some new friends and brothers

Andrew Wishart

Fri, 29th September 2017, 7:45pm (Thu, 1st January 1970, 1:00am UTC-418531)

A well laid out website and very informative.

Sir Stephen of Gretton

Sat, 16th September 2017, 3:55am

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Fri, 18th August 2017, 11:18pm (Thu, 1st January 1970, 1:00am UTC-417526)


Michael E Potts

Sat, 12th August 2017, 9:17pm (Thu, 1st January 1970, 1:00am UTC-417380)

Very interesting site although not a member I would be very interested in joining I am KT and KM in the Scotland.

Andrew Wishart

Sun, 18th June 2017, 3:39pm (Sun, 18th June 2017, 10:39am UTC-5)

Greetings from Canada,Ontario Very interesting reading , will follow for more research

Dario Mancuso